Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Register?

Registration is Free. You can Upgrade to Pro Member for just $10 per month after logging into your Account. Best Payment Gateway is BANK or Bitcoin via Coinpayments.

Can I Use LIGMAX as a free Member?

Yes, However, you may not get commissions from ligmax except you Upgrade to PRO.

How Do I Earn?

You make money MONTHLY on all your PRO MEMBER downlines up to level 5

How Do I get Paid?

You can Initiate withdrawal anytime you accumulate $5 and above, we pay to your ALAT Account.

How Often Can I Email My Downlines?

For Free Members, No, For PRO MEMBERS, Yes.

Can I Join LIGMAX Programs as a Free Member?

Yes, absolutely and you can have downlines too.

How Does My Downline Register Under Me on all other Programs listed?

You will UPDATE your Referral link to all Programs in your dashboard, So your downlines will automatically see your link when they want to join the Programs you Recommend